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The Gist : They describe Sobeys as embarrassed, annoyed, accepted

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    Sobeys review on 2017-11-15 19:07:35

    I was just at your store and never so embarrassed and annoyed at your staff...i have been shopping at your store for 10+ years and will not come back. I was trying to pay my bill with 2 $100 bills and was told it's a new rule that 100's are not accepted and that i should of read the signs on the doors....the doors that immediately open that certainly allow me to see or notice signs about currency accepted or not....the doors that I would look at very quickly to see your notices....the young fellow that was working at customer service was rude and shook his head at me because I didn't see the posted signs on the doors that open and then shut behind you?????? you guys need to teach some courtesy to your staff and how to solve a problem not stick it in my this and then post it on the web so the rest of your customers don't go through what i did this evening

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